Dry Shampoo Powder | for Blonde and Light Hair


Dry Shampoo Powder | for Blonde and Light Hair


Welcome to healthy hair. This all-natural, subtly scented dry shampoo refreshes and renews – totally water-free. Ideal for traveling, outdoor adventures, and skip-the-shower days.

Made for you. 
This shampoo has been specially formulated for blondes to complement your hair color using only natural, head-healthy ingredients. The neutral toned powders give it just the right amount of color to blend in at the roots of your hair. There's no worry of that ghostly white effect from other dry shampoo powders. Let the calming camomile and lavender fragrance set the tone for a lovely day. 

Arrowroot powder, rice powder, white clay powder, chamomile and lavender essential oils *all ingredients certified organic*

To Use: 
Sprinkle as needed onto hands or apply directly to the roots of your hair. Comb or brush through. Use a powder brush for more targeted application.

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Why Rice Powder?
The reason we love it so much is because when rice comes in contact with the oils from your scalp, it becomes transparent. Many other oil absorbing powders like talc never really disappear and leave a white residue. It also doesn't cause build up on your scalp like baby powder does.

Why Arrowroot over Cornstarch?
Arrowroot powder is a natural and healthy alternative to cornstarch. We use it because it's processed much more naturally and there's evidence that it's healthier for your skin (some studies show that cornstarch contributes to dandruff)

Cornstarch is a powdery substance made from (surprise!) corn and is used to thicken gravies and sauces. However, since the advent of Genetically Modifier Organisms (GMOs), almost all cornstarch is made from corn that has been genetically engineered (which to me is a bad science fiction version of food!). You can buy non-GMO cornstarch but it is usually more expensive. The process of extracting cornstarch can be quite harsh as well, utilizing chemicals and high heat to transform the corn into the powder in the can.

Arrowroot powder is extracted in a much different manner. The arrowroot is a tuberous plant which is washed, peeled, and grated into finer pieces. These arrowroot pieces are strained, allowing the liquid to drip off. The starch is in this liquid. In traditional societies, they would throw sea water on top of the grated arrowroot throughout the process to draw out the starch. They would then catch the liquid and let it settle. The sea water would rise to the top and the starch would settle to the bottom. It is rinsed several more times with clean water and then drained of all liquid. What is left is harden starch ball that will finish drying in a shaded place for another two to three days. It is then broken down into the fine, white powder we can get on our grocery shelves. The modern process of obtaining arrowroot powder is very similar to the process of traditional people with just a few differences in tools and processes.