From recommended gear and gadgets to must-see destinations and instructional how-tos, The Urban Deer will give you all you need to love the outdoors – confidently, comfortably and stylishly. Our hope is that The Urban Deer shows that enjoying the outdoors does not have to be reserved for die-hard adventurists. We want even the girliest girl to find the beauty in enjoying everything nature has to offer.

So, what's an urban deer, you ask? An "urban deer" is an urbanite with a love for the outdoors!

We're located in San Francisco, so you'll see we share quite a lot from our home base. It's an ideal location for an urban deer, with outdoor adventures no matter which direction you head. We hope you enjoy our "best coast" perspective but you'll also find us frolicking across the states and around the world.

Ms. Urban Deer

Ms. Urban Deer, Victoria Graham

Ms. Urban Deer, Victoria Graham

Me? I’m a bit of an dichotomy – an urbanite who indulges in inspired wares and fabulous food and goes to exhaustive lengths to plan the perfect party, but I’m also an outdoor enthusiast ready to drop everything for an impromptu road trip, a challenging hike, a camping adventure, a wobbly kayak.

I blame my family for this conflicting duality. I have a modern maven of a mom, known to whip up a killer pavlova and deliciously dress the dining table for her can’t miss parties but you’ll also find her lashing out learnings from Dante’s Inferno and solo jet-setting each year to her homeland, Australia. Still, her idea of enjoying nature is buying a pricey orchid and placing it in a terrarium. Then there’s my dad, a former Boy Scout master with calves and forearms even Popeye would envy. He taught me to build fires, climb trees, gut fish and generally just get dirty. Mom took me to art galleries and plays. Dad took me camping and stargazing.

So, I end up loving the outdoors, not afraid to try anything, really. But I prefer to do it in serious style. 

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