Travel Like A Local Anywhere With Vayable's City Insiders

Contributor: Brittany Hopkins

Next time you find yourself in Athens, a  Vayable Insider  would be happy to take you on its hills less traveled.

Next time you find yourself in Athens, a Vayable Insider would be happy to take you on its hills less traveled.

When exploring a new city, does the idea of following a tour guide make you cringe? Then we'd like to introduce you to Vayable.

Vayable is sort of like the tour guide industry's Airbnb. It connects travelers craving a taste of authentic local culture with "insiders" who are eager to share their cities' hidden gems. From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, Insiders are based all over the world and design guided tours of sights Lonely Planet wouldn't even know about. With more than 5,000 guides on the platform, Vayable offers trips you likely wouldn't have considered, like exploring all of the best places to run in New York with an elite marathoner, biking the backroads only locals know about in Florence, Italy, or uncovering Athen's best-kept secret gardens. Insiders set their own prices — meaning your bound to find something exciting that fits your budget — and the site makes it easy to book, communicate with and pay your guide in local currency. And like Airbnb, the site prominently displaces reviews on insiders' profiles to help you quickly find the best-quality adventures.

Before you file this one away in the "Next time I book a trip" category, just think: If you have a bit of spare time this summer and a few favorite under-rated places you think every tourists should experience, you too could have a tour up and running in no time.

Have you used Vayable to experience a new city or show off your own? We'd love to hear your experiences with the platform in the comments.