Shaken & Stirred: Easy Camping Cocktails

Once tents are pitched, the fire's blazing and dinner's cooking, it's time to put a cocktail in every camper's hand. With just a few essentials, you won't have trouble mixing up these simple yet clever elixirs.

Maple Old Fashioned

Photo:  Sam Howzit   /   flickr   

Photo: Sam Howzit / flickr 

Who doesn't love a good Old Fashioned? Rather than rather than sweetening the classic recipe with packets of sugar, however, bring along a bottle of maple syrup. Whatever's left can top your pancakes in the morning.

Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail

Simply throw a bit of earl grey tea into your gin bottle and squeeze a few lemons, and just a couple hours later you'll be ready to whip up this refreshingly caffeinated concoction by Andrea at The Framed Table.

Photo: David Bowers /  E  picurious

Photo: David Bowers / Epicurious

You'll inevitably have a cooler of beer at your disposal, so don't afraid to put it to good use. Turn a few cans of Guinness and a bottle of champagne into a bubbly Black Velvet.

What's your go-to campsite cocktail?