The Perfect Dress for Trailblazing Backpackers

Contributor: Brittany Hopkins

I’ve just returned from my first five day backpacking trip and — before I go into detail on our incredible dog-friendly route, how I unknowingly added five whole pounds to my pack or our amazing new stove that made cooking a breeze — I have to share the single best piece of knowledge I picked up on the trail: Get yourself a stylish and comfortable hiking dress.

Yes, you read that correctly. Someone actually designed a dress with backpackers in mind. Here she is:

When I saw this beauty crossing a creek, I had to stop and ask where I could buy one for myself. The answer: ARC'TERYX.

Sure, ARC'TERYX is known for steep prices, but it's also known for high-quality, durable attire. This dress is loose-fitting without looking like a bag, wrinkle and odor-resistant, and — most importantly — made with the brand's proprietary quick-drying textile, which will help keep you dry and comfortable despite how much you end up sweating.

The woman I spoke with on the trail said she's had hers for years and absolutely loves it, and reviews on the retailer's site are just as positive. One hardcore backpacker said, "It has been worn with a backpack for over 300 miles so far this summer and still looks brand new. I have it in 3 colors and love them all." Plus, she wasn't the only reviewer who purchased all three colors: pink, purple and black.

Have you given this or other hiking dresses a spin? We love second opinions, so let us know in the comments!