Put to the test: trapped in Boulder Canyon floods

What was supposed to be a relaxing father-daughter retreat in Boulder Canyon turned into a bit of nightmare Wednesday night when the first of a few storms came through dumping more water than the area typically gets in an entire year - they call these whoppers "the 100 year flood." The last major floods were in '97 and '76. 

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Woman vs. (man's) fire: how to build a fire right

Fire is a man's business. His inner caveman comes out when it's time to build a fire. He's not afraid to get dirty, get crafty, and get stupid in his primal pursuit.

Well, that's all well and good, but why should men have all the fun? Learning to build the perfect fire can be a woman's business too. At the very least, learning how to spot when enthusiastic men are doing it all wrong is an essential outdoor survival skill. Here's how to do it the wise woman way:

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