Four Outdoor Classes to Boost Your Skills in June

A new month means many new opportunities to bulk up your outdoor knowledge. Here are a few upcoming classes worth checking out:

Wilderness Survival for Women

Learn how to keep your cool in an emergency. (Photo:  REI )

Learn how to keep your cool in an emergency. (Photo: REI)

Not exactly sure what you'd do in an outdoor emergency? Then mark your calendar: REI is hosting a women's outdoor survival class from 9-3pm this Saturday, June 6, at Lake Lagunitas. Attendees will learn a few core basics, including what your priorities should be in an emergency, how to make an emergency kit, and how to find drinkable water, and the session is interactive so everything you learn can sink in. Interested? Sign up quickly; there are just a few spots left.

SCUBA Open Water Dive Class

Photo:  Heath Alseike

Did you know that the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department holds outdoor skills classes year round? They can be hard to find, but thoroughly searching the department's often confusing website will lead you to some very exciting and affordable opportunities. Like scuba diving 101. For just $188, this 10 week class (totaling 18 hours of diving and 12 hours of classroom learning) will teach you how to dive in the ocean and gain your certification. Classes are 6:30-9:30 every Monday from June 8-Aug. 10 at the Rossi Pool in Inner Richmond. You'll need to bring your own mask, fins and snorkel, but if you're serious about scuba diving, you'll be needing your own set anyway. Click here to sign up; just 8 spots left!

Tai Chi

Once you learn the set, you can do Tai Chi anywhere. Here's the  Taoist Tai Chi Society  practicing in Spain.

Once you learn the set, you can do Tai Chi anywhere. Here's the Taoist Tai Chi Society practicing in Spain.

Every morning in many San Francisco parks, you'll find very focused groups practicing Tai Chi. Ever considered joining them? It offers quite a few health benefits, including stress reduction. You'll need to get up to speed on the "set" first, and San Francisco's Taoist Ta Chi Society — which practices regularly in Golden Gate Park — can help. They're now holding classes for beginners at 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Harvey Milk Center in Duboce Park, 7 p.m. Thursdays and 10 a.m. Saturdays at DSG Studio in Sunnyside.

SUP Board Yoga

Ready to spice up your yoga practice a bit? Then maybe it's time to practice on a SUP board. Head out to Sausalito to give it a try with OnBoardSUP Yoga. Now that June is here, they're hosting classes 7 days/week — including weekend mornings and weekday evenings. For $30 a session (or $270 for 10 classes), OnBoardSUP Yoga supplies the board and guides you through a challenging yoga session on the Bay. Visit their website or ClassPass to view and sign up for upcoming classes, and check out their Facebook page for more on-board inspiration.

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