Keeping bugs at bay: eco-friendly repellents

One of the reasons camping rates not #1 but #5 on people's list of ideal outdoor activities is...BUGS. These little suckers can be a real pain, especially for those of us who are genetically more appealing to bugs (about 10% of the population simply tastes sweeter to mosquitoes). Here are the latest and greatest bug repelling products that don't do a number on the environment:

"A great all natural bug deterrent, citronella gives off a pleasant citrus aroma. The travel tin is perfect to carry along for a picnic in the park or camping along the trails. When done, simply close with the lid and carry out with you."

"Whether your headed out for a hike or hanging out in the backyard, you'll enjoy the pleasing aroma of our bug spray which is made with all natural essential oils that help to keep the pests away. Contains no deet, parabens, or other harmful chemical."