Fail-Proof Black & White Bathing Suits

No matter where I'm going, I always pack a swim suit that makes me feel great and comfortable in any situation — whether that situation is lounging poolside with a mojito or being thrown from a surf board over and over. After years of hiking my suits up, tugging my suits down and questioning what I was thinking when I chose such atrocious color combinations, I've found that you can't go wrong with a black and white suit that offers enough coverage in all the right places PLUS an eye-catching pop you just wouldn't expect of such a classic look.

With days growing longer and warmer, it's time to re-evaluate your suit selection. Here are a few beauties I have my eye on this summer:

The River Island Bra Wrap Swimsuit from Asos. Sexy yet casual. Yes please! 

kate spade.png

The Georgica Beach Stripe Underwire Bandeau from Kate Spade. Of course our good friend Kate gets the importance of simple and classic yet inspiring.

If you're willing to forgo the bow, HM offers a very similar but much more pocketbook friendly version of the black & white striped suit. 

The Bicolor Swimsuit from Revolve. With all that coverage, what could go wrong? Well, just be sure to watch where you sit...


 The Push-Up Triangle Wrap Triangle Bikini Top from Victoria's Secret With two sets of straps, this puppy isn't going anywhere.

Seashells on Shore from Modcloth. Crochet is hot again this year, and at just under $100, jumping on the bandwagon is hard to resist.