Make Mom's Day at Point Bonita Lighthouse

Contributor: Brittany Hopkins

Mother's Day is just days away. This Sunday, May 10, to be exact. If Mom is giddy about dropping in for the day and you're still panicking about how to fill the afternoon, don't worry. We have an idea...

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Photo: Don DeBold /  Flickr

Photo: Don DeBold / Flickr

Many aren't aware that this 160 year-old (and still active!) lighthouse is part of Golden Gate Park. Situated across the Bay on a windy cliff in Sausalito, it provides an excellent view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Full of history, surrounded by natural beauty and not too difficult to reach, it's a wonderful way to spend quality time with the moms in your life — and show them what an adventurous Urban Deer you've become.

The Details

Before you set sail for the lighthouse, here's what you need to know:

  • The lighthouse is accessible to the public from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.mSaturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Don't even think about arriving extra early to beat the crowds. Visitors walk through a tunnel to reach the cliff, and the tunnel gate doesn't open until 12:30 p.m. sharp.
  • History buffs can check out this brochure beforehand or join a guided tour led by a Point Bonita docent while they're there.
  • Getting there by car takes about 30-40 minutes from the city. But don't bank on finding a parking spot in the nearest lot, which is about half a mile hike from the cliff. Consider parking a little further away at the lot near the Point Bonita YMCA. Just be aware that the trail from the nearest parking lot is quick but a tad steep in some places.
  • If you don't mind spending an extra half-hour on the commute, it's definitely possible to get there by public transit. Here's how.
  • One you're done perusing the lighthouse, you'll inevitably be hungry. Unpack your lunch at the scenic Battery Wallace picnic areas or head down to one of Sausalito's many prized restaurants.

In case you're not sold yet, here are a couple more peeks at what you'll find on a trek to Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Photo: Filipp Solovyev  / F lickr  

Photo: Filipp Solovyev / Flickr