How-To: Make Your Own Gluten-Free Trail Mix

Contributor: Brittany Hopkins

The trail mix aisle. The dreaded trail mix aisle. With so many varieties in one place, getting in and out of there without scratching your head and wasting 20 minutes is near impossible. Doesn’t it always seem like every bag includes just one ingredient that doesn’t fit your diet?

Next time you’re packing for the trail, why not consider making your own? Assembling a mix of ingredients you will want to snack on when the going gets tough is much more satisfying than picking around the pieces that don’t fit your diet.

Photo:  Gluten Free Tropical Trail Mix Recipe  by Carol Kiciski of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine

Photo: Gluten Free Tropical Trail Mix Recipe by Carol Kiciski of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine

Not sure what to put in your gluten-free trail mix? We have a few ideas:

  • I like to start with a base of two cups almonds. Raw or roasted, your choice.

  • Now add a cup of a different type of nut. Pecans, macadamia or cashews work well. I’ve never been a peanut person and have a lot of paleo friends, so I leave those out, but have at ‘em if you like.

  • Now you need some sweetness and color. Throw in a few handfuls of your favorite dried fruits. Raisins and cranberries are common favorites. For a tropical flavor, think dried mango, pineapple and coconut flakes. Dried bananas, strawberries and apricots are fun too. Just be sure to check the labels and look for options with no added sugar.

  • Have a real sweet tooth? Then consider adding some chocolate. 80% cacao chocolate chips are my favorite. Just keep in mind, chocolate melts. You’ll have to keep your bag out of the sun or you’ll have a real big mess on your hands.  

  • Last ingredient, a cup of seeds. Shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds work well.

  • Now, shake that bag up and you’re ready to go.

There you have it. Your very own gluten-free trail mix -- with very little effort. What’s in your trail mix?