Couscous in the Backcountry

Few things beat ending a long day of hiking or starting a new one with a warm, flavorful meal you’ve been looking forward to for miles. Perfect backpacking dishes pack the carbs, protein and fat your body needs -- without adding unnecessary bulk to your pack. Lightweight and quick to cook, couscous can be mixed with a variety of goodies to make a delicious outdoor .

Here are two easy couscous recipes for the trail that we'd even consider mixing up at home:

Breakfast Couscous

Photo: Dirty Gourmet

Photo: Dirty Gourmet

Couscous for breakfast? One can only eat so much oatmeal.! We’re sold on Dirty Gourmet’s Breakfast Couscous recipe topped with raisins and pistachios. Non-dairy hikers -- check out the comments section for a tip on swapping in coconut cream powder.

Chicken Curry

Photo:  Justin Bailie / Backpacking Magazine

Photo: Justin Bailie / Backpacking Magazine

Who said you can’t enjoy a big bowl of chicken curry in the backcountry? Backpacker Magazine’s Coconut Curry recipe skimps on weight -- not flavor -- and can easily be adapted for vegetarians.

Not prepared to dehydrate your own ingredients. Not a problem! You can find plenty of options online. These chicken pouches and this dehydrated vegetable medley on Amazon seem to be quite popular among camp chefs.